Procedure for Dual Boot (XP & Vista)

Vista Recovery is the best way.
I just installed XP and the dual-boot is working fine now.
How? with the following steps;
Note; This is if you install XP after installing Vista.

  1. Boot from my Vista DVD, perform, "Startup Recovery"
  2. Restart, and Vista loads.
  3. Download & Install EasyBCD from here:
  4. Run EasyBCD and goto; "Add/Remove Entries"
  5. In the version drop-down menu select, Windows XP
  6. Change the drive letter to one on which XP is installed, rename accordingly.
  7. Hit, "Add Entry" and then "Save"

Voila, when you restart you will have the two options infront of you, i.e., if you want to boot into XP or Vista.

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