Forex Strategy Builder

How about making better investments on the Forex market
What would you say if you could test your trading strategies using real market data dating back to 199...? Forex Strategy Builder gives you this opportunity for Free.

Market: EURUSD 1 Day Account balance: 8317 pips

What would it be like if you could see how your strategy would actually work on the market and what profit or loss it would have made, had you used it in the previous months (including your broker's fees)? No task is easier for Forex Strategy Builder.

Make reliable back test of your trading systems!

How is it possible for one trading system to show excellent results in the historical test and still lead to a catastrophic outcome in real trade? Using this free software will help you easily recognize the pitfalls of testing forex trading systems. It recognizes all ambiguous bars in the back test, protects you from curve-fitting and finds the average balance line between all possible market scenarios.

Wrong Logic

Real Result

The most common mistake in back testing can be easily avoided.

It is advantageous that Forex Strategy Builder is being continually updated and you can partake in its shaping in the way you prefer. So, feel free to share with us the things you believe can be improved, and be certain that we will follow your recommendations in the next versions. This program aims at making the process of creating profitable strategies, based on technical analysis, an easier task.

While you are not on the real market, do not hesitate to test all strategies or combinations of technical indicators you can think of, in order to gain more experience and understanding of how the different logics and parameters influence the foreign exchange trading.

Use this free forex software

This forex software is absolutely free. It is not necessary to pay money or to make any registration. You can start testing your trading system with historical market data right now.
Step into the world of Forex Strategy Builder. It is 100% Free forex software.

Visit our download page. You can find installation hints, download links, system requirements and other useful information there.

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Download: Forex Strategy Builder

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