HYIP, which stands for High Yield Investment Program is just what it sounds like, a program offering a high yield investment. HYIP's are offering probably the most profitable investments available today. Interest rates of up to 100% a monthis not uncommon. In general the interest rates are ranging anywhere between 5 – 250% a month.HYIP's are using different investment strategies. Some invest in stocks, others in property. There are even HYIPs investing in other HYIPs. Probably there are also programs that are not investing at all. These belong to the scammers. You’ll read more about unserious HYIPs further down this text.Most HYIP's use different e-currencies as their way of accepting funds from members. E-Gold is undoubtedly the most commonly used one hence the many program names containing “Gold” or “E-Gold”. E-currencies makes instant and secure money transfers possible online and have very much paved the way for HYIP's.The phenomenon of Hyips is growing bigger and bigger on the internet today. Every day new programs are being launched. Lots of people are earning fortunes investing in these programs.

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